I’m a guy who loves sandwiches.  Since I was little I have always loved them.  A sandwich can be eaten for every single meal. It’s the King of Meals! 

I also love t-shirts and branding, and I wanted to create something different that I could grow and build.  At the same time, I wanted to keep my day job to support my family.

I love food and coming up with creative recipes and ways to turn ordinary meals into a sandwich.  I could have opened a food truck or restaurant but decided merging my two favorites is pretty easy, especially since t-shirts are works of art and there is not enough love given to the sandwich. The best part about t-shirts and sandwiches – everyone wears or eats them.

That’s how Deli Fresh Threads was born. I love small businesses and enjoy seeing people doing what they are passionate about in life and making it happen. I believe in quality customer service and the power of word of mouth.  I  enjoy the feeling you get when you see someone wearing your t-shirt. I also love that people get excited about something I am so passionate about.

Since I am a small business, I try to support other local small businesses whenever I can. I enjoy eating and supporting folks around Central Florida and introducing folks to local sandwich shops in the area. Supporting another small business like mine. 

I believe that sandwiches taste better when you use great ingredients. That is why I use high quality shirts and high quality inks used to print on the shirts. When you shop at DeliFreshThreads.com you will receive a packed sandwich shirt that you will be excited to wear and share with me and others.

I am a one man Deli Shop, ready to take over Foodie Fashion one sandwich shirt at a time! Thank you for visiting my Deli Shop. Check out my blog and please send me a message or a tweet and say hello.

Thank you for visiting my Deli Shop and please say hello. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram 
Want to know more give me a call 321.303.5129.

Check out my story talking about the past 10 years running the brand on my podcast:  Lunch with Biggie:


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