Collection: Hats

Introducing our delectable Sandwich-Themed Headwear Collection – a feast for your fashion senses! Dive into a world of flavor with our custom hats available in various materials, including classic wool blend, cotton twill, performance trucker mesh, and turbo spun acrylic knit. Choose your style with either a Versa or curved brim, and enjoy the perfect fit with adjustable backs – opt for a snapback or an adjustable fabric strap with a snap buckle.

Each cap in our collection is a masterpiece with 3D embroidered fronts, showcasing intricate details and mouthwatering designs. Embrace the versatility of our fully custom hats, crafted to elevate your headwear game to new heights. Whether you prefer the timeless appeal of wool, the crisp comfort of cotton, or the performance-oriented mesh, our Sandwich-Themed Headwear Collection has something for every style. Satisfy your fashion cravings with these unique and flavorful caps – the perfect blend of customization and culinary charm!