Scotch and "good" Conversation

Scotch and "good" Conversation

I had the opportunity to be on a local Orlando podcast called SCOTCH AND "good" CONVERSATION.  Peter von Taborsky has been podcasting for over 2 years and his podcast is about getting to know people, usually while drinking. Listening to his podcast you can tell why it has been rated as one of the top podcasts in Orlando. I really enjoy doing podcasts because I am getting an opportunity to speak with people who are passionate about their show and I get to be a part of it.  I also get to share with their listeners who I am and about Deli Fresh Threads.   I had a really great time being on the show.  What I loved about this interview with Peter is that he has a list of over 700 random questions he can ask his guests and I also get to come up with some original questions to ask him questions during the interview.  Even after listening to his podcast.  I was still not prepared of where the questions were going to go, so it was exciting and a bit nervewracking of what I would say (hence the scotch!  HAHA!)

Side Items:

The theme song for Scotch and good Conversation is simple and repetitive but so catchy and plays in my head!


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