Off Cuts Podcast- Between Two Breads

Off Cuts Podcast- Between Two Breads

I had the great opportunity to be on Off Cuts Podcast.  A podcast hosted by Eliot, Stephanie and Etchie Off Cuts Podcast is a podcast where they talk about food with people that make and eat food.

It's a collection of naughty words intermingled with science and long-winded rants about the minutiae of noodles (in this case sandwiches) is for anyone that ever, even once, put food in their mouth and wondered why.

On the Podcast, we discuss what is a sandwich and a bunch of other hand stuff!  It can be bit NSFW but its a good listen and a really fun discussion about food and sandwiches. Had a blast with them.

I've known Eliot and just love the food he creates so I was excited when he asked me to be on the show it was a "When do you want me to come in?". If you live in Orlando and want to taste his creations check out Orlando Meats or Recess Pizza to name a few. (Also try his house-made noodles if it's on the menu).

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