Let's Chisme con Chanti  Podcast

Let's Chisme con Chanti Podcast

I had the honor to be asked by my friend Chantal Aybar to be her first guest on her new podcast with Hi Hello Labs- Let's Chisme con Chanti.  Chantal is an Orlando Foodie Celebrity with her super popular Instagram page-  Let's Try This Orlando sharing all her favorite spots for you to try.  

You may or may not know this but I am Cuban (both my folks are from Cuba) and I was born in the US.  I am not an expert in speaking Spanish since its my 2nd language, but will say that as soon as I start speaking it you know I'm Cuban.  

It was a fun experience being a guest on someone else's podcast and loved that she brought me my Gnarly Barley sandwich- Biggie's Bomb Mi to enjoy. I also enjoyed talking about why I started Deli Fresh Threads and also just getting to talk about sandwiches supporting small businesses and how food can take you back to your childhood.

The podcast is in Spanish but wanted to share because I think it will be a successful project for Chantal and am super proud to be part of it.  You can watch it on YouTube or subscribe to the podcast letschisme.com

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