Creatives Having Conversations Over Coffee

Creatives Having Conversations Over Coffee

I joined Jared Kessler on his podcast Creatives Having Conversations Over Coffee, where he is unabashedly real and unrehearsed, as he shares his personal and professional revelations and insights on what it’s like to be a real-life creative in what sometimes feels like an uncreative, always-changing world. Because leading a creative life isn’t always the happy-clappy life you often seem to hear about or read online. I met Jared online right after I started my podcast a few weeks ago- Lunch with Biggie . He asked if I wanted to spend some time having a conversation and getting to know each other over some coffee.  I had a really fun time speaking with him and I agree with him sometimes we judge or decide on people too quickly based on social media tweets or IG photos.  Why its great to listen to conversation and podcast to give you a better look inside a person. Here is my interview on his podcast.  Check him out and listen to his podcast.

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