Biggie's Bomb-Mi at Gnarly Barley

Biggie's Bomb-Mi at Gnarly Barley

Let's face it....I am obsessed with sandwiches! I make and eat A LOT of sandwiches which is how Deli Fresh Threads came to be. 

In my 9 years running Deli Fresh Threads, I have had the opportunity to create a secret menu sandwich (Gouda Meat Cha- a Pastrami, Ham and Roast Beef & Gouda Cheese sandwich with strawberry jelly) at Pom Pom's Teahouse and Sandwicheria.  I  have also inspired a popular and featured daily special at Pom Pom's,  The Deli Boss- a Spaghetti and Meatball sandwich with provolone and a garlic spread pressed to goodness. They are both delicious! 

One thing I have never had the opportunity to do is to have my own permanent sandwich on a restaurant's menu.  UNTIL NOW.......    

If you have been following me for a while I have created or invented a family favorite sandwich.  It's an Orange Chicken Sandwich with pickled veggies- my version of an Orange Chicken Bahn Mi.  This is a sandwich that I have never seen anywhere before at a restaurant. 

Recently, I interviewed the guys from Gnarly Barley on my Lunch with Biggie podcast( listen here).  I told them that I was excited for them to have a new location with a larger kitchen to make their chicken sandwiches they used to make at their other location (Big Time Street Food Co).  I shared with them my orange chicken creation. Joey, one of the owners, asked me if I wanted to play in their kitchen and make some sammies.  After some sandwich brainstorming with my orange chicken bahn mi creation the Biggie's Bomb-Mi was born!. The Biggie's Bomb-Mi is a Deli Fresh Threads creation...a house made orange chicken sandwich with pickled cucumber and carrots with Sweet Chili Mayo on a brioche bun.  Gnarly Barley said it was a keeper and would love to have it on their menu.  I present to you me and the Biggie's Bomb-Mi!

I am so excited and grateful for Gnarly Barley releasing this on their 10 year anniversary party, January 14th and 15th -  It is an honor and a privilege and I am excited to collaborate with them. Like the menu says- if you try it - please go and take a pic and tag me on it.  

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