Taylor Ham Pork Roll- Taylor Made for New Jersey!

Taylor Ham Pork Roll- Taylor Made for New Jersey!

Taylor Ham Pork Roll- Taylor Made for New Jersey!

I am so excited for this shirt to be released.  

We had the great opportunity to collaborate with Casey Webb the host of Man vs Food. We also worked with fellow New Jerseyan Illustrator Blair Campbell on this design. 

I met Casey during the filming of an episode of his hit show- Man vs Food and we just hit it off and we both wanted to do something together.

I had been a fan of Blair Campbell for a while and being we are from NJ-  We thought it was a great opportunity to showcase the staple meat of New Jersey- Taylor Ham Pork Roll.  

The idea was to unify the Taylor Ham and Pork Rollers- a constant name battle between North and South Jersey, as well as, a way to show love to New Jersey.

Casey and I wanted to unify the state and working with Blair we also wanted to  showcase some landmarks the great sate of NJ offers.  

Landmarks shown: 

  • Cape May Lighthouse
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Lucy
  • State Capital
  • Jersey Parkway
  • Tillie
  • Statue of Liberty
  • George Washington Bridge


Photo of Casey Webb taken by Michael L Garcia 

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