Spider-Man, What's your favorite sandwich?

Spider-Man, What's your favorite sandwich?


As a child, I never wanted to read and my folks tried everything.  They even told me - pick something to read and we will pay for it.  So I picked up reading comics.  Boy, they regretted that and changed their tune as I started constantly buying and reading comics.

My favorite superhero growing up was Spider-Man! I loved that he was actually the first teen-hero who wasn’t an adult’s sidekick.  He was created by Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditk. I read all the titles he was on.

Needless to say, I have watched all the Spider-Man movies and cartoons.  You can imagine how I reacted when in latest Spiderman Movies (Spider-Man: Homecoming) when Peter Parker orders a sandwich and then eats it as Spider-Man overlooking the city after a day of crimefighting.  I was freaking out!!

So it was fun to meet with Spidey at Disney Land and get to ask him the question I ask many characters when I visit the parks-  What's your favorite sandwich?  Spidey did not disappoint.

Some have assumed the number 5; extra pickles and super pressed would be a Cuban?  But there are many possible options there.

The ironic part is - that I just started reading the new Amazing Spider-Man comics and asked their new artist on the project Ryan Ottley.  

I love the idea of Spidey eating a sandwich that I asked Justin Peterson to draw me a Spidey eating a Sandwich for my office.


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