Parking Lot Sandwich Party- Tuesday, Nov 7th at 6:30pm

Do you love sandwiches? Well we have some great news for you!
Orlando Parking Lot Party is throwing a one of a kind Tuesday night party at Ivanhoe Park Brewing on Tuesday, November 7th starting at 6:30 PM! 
It's a PARKING LOT SANDWICH PARTY at Ivanhoe Park Brewing!
Food Includes:
Red Panda Noodle
Tao Te Cheese
Cholo Dogs
The Pizza Slut
Sugar Rush Marshmallows
Chicken Waffle Grill
The Burger Jawn
Toraja Mountain Coffee
Phat Ash Bakes
Vendors Include:
Deli Fresh Threads
Cromulent Creative
Sandhill Supply Co.
Cover Yo Space
**Line-up Subject to Change**

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