Incredibly Hangry

Incredibly Hangry

Something triggers within you when you just waited too long to eat and or are just HUNGRY! You become Incredibly Hangry!

Hangry is a blend of the words "hungry" and "angry" and is used to describe the feeling of being irritable or short-tempered due to hunger.

People become "hangry" when they haven't eaten for a while and leads to feelings of irritability, moodiness, and even anger.  Usually because of blood sugar drops, which increases feelings of stress and anxiety. At the same time, your body produces adrenaline, which triggers the "fight or flight" response, making you feel more irritable and short-tempered. Crazy how you get when you are super hungry and want a sandwich.

This shirt design started out as a sticker and would become one of our sandwich shirt menu items.  

Incredibly Hangry is available now online.  

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