Biggie Bread and Deli Fresh Threads turn 9

Biggie Bread and Deli Fresh Threads turn 9

9 years!  Wow!  Hard to believe as I write this Tuesday, January 18th, 2022.  Biggie Bread and Deli Fresh Threads turns 9 years old. 

That's a long time running a business and I'll be honest it's been an interesting journey.

There are things I could have done better or been more aggressive with but in the end you go along for the ride and try to learn from the lessons. Celebrating the victories along the way.

This past year I created a podcast - Lunch with Biggie.   I've learned a lot from my guests in order to help others and grow my own brand.

This past year I started selling my products at various locations besides my pop-ups and . This has been a BIG expansion for me and I am excited to see where it leads. 

I am now very open to doing wholesale with sandwich shops and stores that want to carry my products.  

I was initially hesitant to branch out to wholesaling since I pride myself with the packing and branding and I did not want that to get lost.   It was hard for me to let go of things.... BUT I can tell you now - I am letting Biggie Bread do his thing and I want this brand to grow to be bigger than it's ever been and reach a lot more sandwich eaters in the years to come.

Why am I telling you this?  

Because some of you have been with DeliFresh Threads from the beginning. I'm not ashamed to say this brand deserves to be bigger and better than what it is.  What I have accomplished is fantastic and I am taking time to recognize it.  I am also excited for the future and challenging myself to take the next steps in Deli Fresh Threads evolution!

I wanted to write it down for all to see and also to hold me accountable because this brand is important to me.  I have invested a lot of time, money and energy and I wanted the UNIVERSE to not only hear me say it but also read it.

So....If you know of a place you think Deli Fresh Threads products would be a great addition to- please let me and that business know and help me spread the word.   

Thank you to all who continue to support me and to all who have recently heard about me - HELLO!

I want to thank my wife, Kristen, for all her support and being my biggest cheerleader. She has been amazing and I sometimes think she wants this brand to succeed more than I do.  

Special thanks to my friend, Will Truran, who has been an amazing friend and sounding board these past few year and been on Team Deli Fresh Threads for such a long time-  He's been also helping me jump all the self hurdles I create and help me take the next steps for Deli Fresh Threads.  

I am so excited for what's to come and as you saw its starting out on the right bite with an official Deli Fresh Threads sandwich - Biggie's Bomb-Mi on a menu at Gnarly Barley.

If you are still reading this, take a look on the site and do some shopping-  we have an Anniversary Sale going on for a few weeks- with items as low a $9.99  to enjoy our 9 years!

So raise your sandwich and cheers-  to many more great Deli Fresh Threads years and many more awesome products and sandwich items for you to enjoy!

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