A Sandwich is not a Hot Dog!

A Sandwich is not a Hot Dog!

September 10th is National Hot Dog Day and of course this will open up the bun to the question of whether a hotdog is a sandwich.

This question has been popping up over and over for the past few years. My personal opinion is NO - A Hotdog is not a sandwich and sandwich is not a Hotdog.

Yes I am aware that if you looked up the definition of a hotdog in Merriam-Webster it will say it is a sandwich. I am also aware that the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council announced that the hotdog is in it’s own category of its own and not a sandwich.

The British Sandwich Association has also addressed this saying that the Hot Dog is not a sandwich.

If you want some professional opinions: Joey Chestnut- Hot Dog eating Champion says that it is not a sandwich as does chef and foodie personality- Anthony Bourdain (he addressed it during a Q&A on reddit).

So why do I believe that the sandwich is not a hot dog? Take the hot dog out of the bun- it’s still a hotdog. It is it’s own food. Yes they are part of the hand held; portable category but they are not a sandwich. I’ll leave you with this great quote from baseball player- Josh Harrison- “If you ask somebody to go make you a sandwich, they’re not gonna make you a hot dog,” and enjoy what Jimmy Kimmel has to say about it.

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