The Neighbors-  Brittany Zepf and Brianna Gonsorek

The Neighbors- Brittany Zepf and Brianna Gonsorek

I got to spend a lunch break with Brianna Gonsorek, the general manager, and Brittany Zepf, co-owner of ⁠⁠The Neighbors - a neighborhood general store, cocktail lounge & Chef’s table. Open on the 2nd floor of East End Market in Audubon Park, FL.

I spoke to Brittany about how the idea of opening The Neighbors came about. How her husband, Jacob (co-owner of FreeHand Goods), and the owner of East End and the owner of Domu play a part in the Neighbors coming to East End. We discussed with Brianna how she and Jacob helped curate the store to have over 75 vendors from FL or Central FL that represent the store, as well as, what advice they have for people trying to get into stores. We discussed with Brittany how they handle being 3 different businesses- general store, cocktail lounge, and Chef's table. We discussed the challenges and rewards of running a business like this. The importance of word of mouth. We also discuss what they do when times get tough or things may not be working along in their journey.

Lunch with Biggie is a podcast about small business and creatives sharing their stories and inspiring you to pursue your passion, with some sandwich talk on the side. Created, edited, and produced in Orlando, FL by Biggie- the owner of the sandwich-themed clothing brand- ⁠⁠Deli Fresh Threads⁠⁠.

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