Orlando Sentinel's Multimedia Food Reporter- Amy Drew Thompson

Orlando Sentinel's Multimedia Food Reporter- Amy Drew Thompson

I recently shared a Lunch with Biggie podcast break with my old friend Amy Drew Thompson. A jack-of-all-trades and master of many, she is the Orlando Sentinel's Multimedia Food Reporter, for which she eats and writes things. She's also a puntificator and XXX food pornographer.

I spoke to Amy Drew about how she started in the business, how she's used her experiences as the former Orlando Local Expert, at USA Today's 10Best and the Orlando Sentinel, and why it's important for her to wear so many hats in mediums including radio, TV and print positions in various fields. We spoke about a bunch of things, including small businesses and how important it is to get support from the community; how to build a network of experts and be a cheerleader for others; how she creates content every week, as well as her various recipes for success.  

Lunch with Biggie is an Orlando podcast about small business and creatives sharing their stories and inspiring you to pursue your passion, with some sandwich talk on the side. Created, edited, and produced by Biggie- the owner of the sandwich-themed clothing brand- Deli Fresh Threads.

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