Oh Eco-  Alyssa Bolaños

Oh Eco- Alyssa Bolaños

I got to spend a lunch break with Alyssa Bolaños, the owner of Oh Eco - Orlando’s Eco Shop + Refillery providing sustainable goods, gifts, and eco-friendly products for you, your family, and your home.

I spoke to Alyssa about how the idea of how came about to open an Eco-sustaintable-refillery shop in Orlando.  What does it mean to be sustainable-ish?  We discussed how she came up with the name and also the location.  We discussed the difficulties of being first in the market and also first time running a business.  She shared some tips and suggestions for starting to be more eco-friendly;  As well as the misconceptions about buying sustainably.  We talked about the importance of social media and community.  We also spoke about the popular products sold at her shop and the workshops and pop-ups she is doing to help spread the word and be part of the community.  

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