Kitchen Killaz- Billy Floyd

Kitchen Killaz- Billy Floyd

I got to spend a lunch break with Billy Flloyd, the frontman of Kitchen Killaz- a touring acoustic show that is crashing kitchens and performing a mix of covers and original songs in someone else's kitchen.  As well as, streaming shows live online- twitch, TikTok, Instagram, and facebook.

I spoke to Billy about how the idea of how Kitchen Killaz started and how they got the name as well as the idea to perform in people's kitchens.  Billy spoke about consistency, especially with his streaming schedule and Friday night kitchen shows. We spoke about the past 5+ years building and growing this idea and performing.  Billy shared some of his creative processes when it comes to songwriting and traveling to do the show.  I've been a fan of Kitchen Killaz and they have performed in my kitchen.  Was great catching up and sharing his story.
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