Jesse Wolfe - CPG Entrepreneur Founder & Investor

Jesse Wolfe - CPG Entrepreneur Founder & Investor


I got to spend my lunch break with Jesse Wolfe, the creator and founder of O'Dang Foods.  He's been on Shark Tank, Entrepreneur and Forbes magazine.  Jesse is now a CPG (Consumer Product Goods) Entrepreneur Founder & Investor helping businesses grow.  

We discussed how he started into hummus as his business, getting into farmers markets, his time with the sharks on Shark Tank, how he realized he needed to pivot and get into a different food category.  Going from commercial kitchen/cottage to working with distributers and packers. We discussed his transition from O'Dang to now consultant and investor of CPGs.  We also discussed what common issues he sees while mentoring and working with UCF students in the Blackstone Launchpad and other entrepreneurs.  Jesse also gives me his top 5 things needed to start a business.  We packed a lot in an hour lunch break.

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