Gnarly Barley and GB's Bottle Shop - Joey Morris and Zach Scray

Gnarly Barley and GB's Bottle Shop - Joey Morris and Zach Scray

I got to spend my lunch break with the 2 of the 3 owners of The Gnarly Barley and GB's Bottle Shop; Joey Morris and Zach Scray (someone had to work so Trace was working). The Gnarly Barley is a craft beer and sandwich shop that offers hot sammis and other stuff too.   GB's Bottle Shop & Tasting Bar is exactly that a craft beer bottle shop with a growler bar that has 20 rotating taps to enjoy and if that doesn't hit the spot- open their one of their fridges for a cold one of your liking to enjoy.  Best part you can buy a 6-pack of the beer you enjoyed to take home.

I spoke to the guys on how exactly they started Gnarly Barley, as well as, what made them decide to open a craft beer bottle shop across town.  
We discussed running 2 different businesses across town from each other- Lessons learned when starting. Taking risks and opportunities and learning even if it doesn't work out; Learning to grow and expand their business as well as taking a chance on yourself.  Great guys and I am excited for their newest opportunity where they decided to move The Gnarly Barley to a larger and closer location to GB's Bottle Shop now just a football throw away.  


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