Fat Cat Sauces-  Eyal Goldschmid

Fat Cat Sauces- Eyal Goldschmid

I got to spend a lunch break with Eyal "Ale" Goldshmid, one of the owners of Fat Cat Sauces a small, boutique condiments company dedicated to making sauces that offer unique tastes and flavor combinations. Their products root themselves in some of the world’s best cuisines, and they range in taste from strong and savory to spicy and sweet — often in one shot. One taste, and you’ll be hooked for life. It’s purr-fectly delicious flavor-forward hot sauces

I spoke to Eyal about how he came up with the concept of doing sauces and condiments, and how they went from farmers' markets to using a co-packer to help them produce and distribute to specialty shops and grocery stores.  We talked about what he's learned along the way in his 10 years of business.  We discussed how he stands out in a very large sauce-rich market and has been featured in Food & Wine, CNN, Mashable etc.   We spoke about wholesaling and using wholesale marketplaces.  Eyal also shared some tips and suggestions if you were starting.    

Lunch with Biggie is a podcast about small business and creatives sharing their stories and inspiring you to pursue your passion, with some sandwich talk on the side. Created, edited, and produced in Orlando, FL by Biggie- the owner of the sandwich-themed clothing brand- Deli Fresh Threads.

Fat Cat Sauces Social:

Fat Cat Sauces IG: https://www.instagram.com/fatcatsauces/

Fat Cat Foods website: www.fatcatfoods.com

Fat Cat Sauces Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/FatCatFoods


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