Eleanor's Barber Shop- Tito Santiago

Eleanor's Barber Shop- Tito Santiago

I got to spend a lunch break with Tito Santiago, the owner and head barber at Eleanor's Barber Shop - Orlando's neighborhood barbershop. It is a place where any race, gender, sexual orientation, or age can get an authentic barber service

I spoke to Tito about how he started the business, how he came up with the name for the shop and what is it about that feeling you get when you get a fresh cut.  We spoke about him offering a real old Florida Barbershop experience and what that means.  We talked about the look and feel of his shop, as well as, what's been the toughest part of opening a spot on Mills 50.  Was a great time getting to speak with Tito and how he has blended the old-school barbershop feel along with the modernization of technology.

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