Chill In Tacos Ice Cream Taqueria- Dylan Tyson

Chill In Tacos Ice Cream Taqueria- Dylan Tyson

I got to spend a lunch break with Dylan Tyson, the owner of Chill In Tacos Ice Cream Taqueria, a small batch of liquid nitrogen ice cream taco cart.   The only ice cream taco with its life together where each bite is composed of their freshly made waffle shell wrapped around their small batch of ice cream with its toppings in every single bite, you will realize that the best way to eat ice cream is in taco form. Every bite leads you to say #notocones

I spoke to Dylan about how and why he wanted to start his business and how he took his time to figure out how to make ice cream using nitrogen and how he is able to provide his customers an experience.  Dylan spoke to me about where he wants his business to go and how he plans to get it there.  

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