Shop GASCO - Brittney Salter

Shop GASCO - Brittney Salter

I got to spend my lunch break with Brittney Salter, the creator and founder of SHOP GASCO. SHOP GASCO is a clothing and accessory online boutique shop that focuses on creating a community to uplift, inspire and encourage each other to wear what they want. Sparked from an idea of a mental health awareness line due to personal struggles with illnesses and disorders, all products are designed in house and focus on empowering and encouraging others through fun, bright ideas and mantras. All sales made donate towards mental health advocacy and various charities. Our mantra is magic looks good on you, because your magic is your super power and the world deserves to see it!

We discussed how she started Shop GASCO and how it was sparked from an idea of a mental health awareness line due to personal struggles with illnesses and disorders. We spoke about how she decided to change from an already popular brand she created doing theme parks and pop culture to doing more with mental health. We spoke about creating a brand based on your community and not based on the people around you. We spoke about her wanting to push and encourage health advocacy and various charities. We also spoke about how she comes up with her designs and how she offers free shipping.

Lunch with Biggie is an Orlando podcast about small business and creatives sharing their stories and inspiring you to pursue your passion, with some sandwich talk on the side. Created, edited and produced by Biggie- owner of the sandwich themed clothing brand- Deli Fresh Threads.

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