8it App- Steve Raggiani

8it App- Steve Raggiani

I got to spend a lunch break with Steve Raggiani, co-founder of the 8it App, the simplest way to find the best food recommendations, pop-ups, dish drops & collabs in NYC. Sourcing the best food recommendations from critics and credible sources you already love and presenting it in an easy-to-use interface based on your Location. Short & sweet 8-word food recommendations by people you trust in the food industry. People like credible chefs, critics, food celebrities, and your go-to food media sources.

I spoke to Steve about how he came up with the idea to start the app, and how the name came about. Steve shared how the app shares 8-word reviews for the food you want to eat. We spoke about how the app has evolved and the importance of building a community and collaboration with some of NY's finest chefs and small businesses. Steve shared some of the things that you deal with when creating an app. Steve and I also spoke about how we met because of Chef Carl Ruiz and the feedback he provided Steve about the 8it app. We spoke about he interacts with app users to get an idea of how they use the app. We discussed how the app is growing and expanding past NY. I think this

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