Draft Punks Podcast- Sandwich

Draft Punks Podcast- Sandwich

I had the chance to be on the Draft Punks Podcast that my friend BJ does with his 2 friends, Rob and Travis, with a weekly guest.  I loved the concept of their show. Each week a new topic is discussed and ranked through the age-old method of a fantasy draft. Then their listeners vote for their favorite on Discord, and the winner gets first pick the following week. I was asked if I wanted to be on the podcast and instead of drafting sandwiches, we would be doing a 5 round draft of sandwich ingredients -building our own team/sandwich.  We then all agreed we would make the sandwich we drafted for all to see. You can listen to the episode below.  

I highly recommend checking them out and all the different topics they have drafted so far.


I had a lot of fun with this and I had a sandwich concept I had made before in mind.  I had not done a Fantasy Football Draft in over 9 years and I probably should have strategized a bit better if there were players and rounds.

 In the end, I still assembled a delicious sandwich.

If curious I assembled the Orange Cluck Mi- It's an Orange Chicken Sandwich- French Bread, Orange Chicken, Sriacha Mayo, Pickled Carrot, and Pickled Cucumbers. It is a nice mix of heat, sweet, sour, and crunch.

Here is a pic of my Orange Cluck Mi sandwich. Would you eat it?


Here is a video of when I first came up with this sandwich concept.

Know of a podcast you think I would be a great guest on- let me know and tell them about me.  I love being on them and discuss sandwiches and much much more!
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