Career Tipper Podcast- A Creative Journey

Career Tipper Podcast- A Creative Journey

I had the opportunity to be on Michele Badie's Podcast-  Career Tipper: Episode 2 of Season 1 of Create to Connect on the Career Tipper podcast . 

I was featured on the episode. I talked about my love of food and coming up with creative recipes and ways to turn ordinary meals into a sandwich. How I could have opened a food truck or restaurant but decided merging my two favorites is pretty easy, especially since t-shirts are works of art and there is not enough love given to the sandwich. The best part about t-shirts and sandwiches – everyone wears or eats them.

During this episode, I chatted about my creative journey.
[02:16] Biggie shares the genesis of his creative journey with Deli Fresh Threads.
[04:42] Biggie shares his advice for 9-5ers that want to merge their passions and launch a business.
[10:17] Biggie shares how being consistent with brand promotion helped him remain persistent over the past eight years.
[13:30] Biggie shares ways that he cultivates community and supports local businesses around promoting his brand.
[17:02] Biggie shares his brand strategy development process.
[24:58] Biggie shares the meaning of creating to connect to him as a creative.
[27:54] Biggie asks Michele about the advice that she would tell the younger version of herself about her journey to date with Career Tipper.
[33:12] Biggie shares his wow moment to date.
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