Rise and Shine with the Breakfast Bagel Sandwich T-shirt!

Rise and Shine with the Breakfast Bagel Sandwich T-shirt!

Are you ready to take your breakfast game to a whole new level? Introducing the latest sensation from Deli Fresh Threads: the Breakfast Bagel Sandwich T-shirt! This mouthwatering masterpiece celebrates the iconic bacon, egg, and cheese combination nestled between the savory embrace of an everything bagel. It's not just a t-shirt; it's a delicious tribute to the most important meal of the day.

Picture this: the sun peeks over the horizon, birds chirp their morning melodies, and you're ready to tackle the day ahead. But before you dive into your to-do list, why not treat yourself to a moment of breakfast bliss? With the Breakfast Bagel Sandwich T-shirt, you can carry the essence of that perfect morning bite with you wherever you go.

Crafted in collaboration with the incredibly talented Don Leon, this t-shirt is more than just apparel—it's a work of art.  It's a feast for the eyes as well as the imagination.

Whether you're savoring a lazy Sunday brunch or conquering your morning workout, this shirt has got you covered.

So why wait? Embrace the deliciousness of the Breakfast Bagel Sandwich T-shirt and make every day feel like a breakfast celebration. Whether you're a hardcore foodie, a fashion enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates a good meal, this shirt is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Get ready to rise and shine with the Breakfast Bagel Sandwich T-shirt. Because when it comes to starting your day off right, nothing beats a classic bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel—except maybe wearing it on your shirt!


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