Burger Beast-  Sef Gonzalez

Burger Beast- Sef Gonzalez


In this episode of Lunch with Biggie, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sef Gonzalez, better known as Burger Beast, a renowned food blogger, writer, and influencer hailing from the vibrant culinary hub of Miami, Florida.

Episode Summary:

Sef Gonzalez, also known as Burger Beast, has become a household name in Miami's food scene, all thanks to his passion for burgers and comfort food. We delve into Sef's journey, from the inception of his famous blog to his current status as a prominent figure in the world of food blogging and social media.

Key Highlights:

  • Origins of Burger Beast: Sef shares the story behind the creation of Burger Beast, his brainchild that started as a platform to review and promote local burger joints and comfort food spots in Miami. His genuine love for burgers quickly garnered a loyal following and propelled him into the spotlight of Miami's food scene.

  • Expanding Horizons: Beyond burgers, Sef's blog evolved to encompass a wide range of culinary delights, including food trucks, pop-up events, and various food-related topics. His knack for discovering hidden gems and showcasing them to his audience cemented his reputation as a tastemaker in Miami.

  • Building Relationships: Sef emphasizes the importance of cultivating genuine connections within the food community, which opened doors to exciting projects such as the Burger Museum, Croqueta Palooza, and his own line of condiments. These ventures not only showcase his entrepreneurial spirit but also contribute to the richness of Miami's food culture.

  • The Cruz Diablo: We delve into Sef's latest creation, The Cruz Diablo burger, and the inspiration behind its unique flavor profile. As a testament to his creativity and culinary expertise, The Cruz Diablo represents Sef's ongoing dedication to pushing the boundaries of burger craftsmanship.

Join us for an insightful conversation filled with tantalizing tales of food exploration and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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