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Written by Biggie on October 22, 2013

The #SandwichEatUp: A Meetup for Orlando Sandwich Lovers

In September 2013, I attended the Florida Bloggers Conference at Full Sail University, and I attended a presentation about building online relationships offline that Lou Mongello did. He discussed how its great to meet people online but you can connect with them so much more offline.  So I did some research to see if anyone in Orlando was doing any type of Meet ups that involved sandwiches. Low and behold there were NONE!  I am always asked what my favorite restaurants are for a good sandwich and I am also always hearing people’s suggestions of sandwich places I should go try.  So with all this, I decided to create a #SandwichEatUp.  It’s a meet up where we can all share some of my favorite sandwich shops but also learn and try new sandwiches with other Sandwich Eaters.

I have been doing #SandwichEatUp events for over 2 years now.  They are intended for any sandwich eater to attend and come enjoy a new place they may have never been to or eat at a place they enjoy and meet others who enjoy a good sandwich as well.  I do #SandwichEatUp every month and they are local; non chain restaurant/deli/sandwich shops around the city of Orlando.

My goal is introduce you to a place you may have never tried ; introduce you to my clothing brand and also help support another small business.  All while getting the opportunity to meet and share a meal with new and old Sandwich Eaters.

Check out all the places we have eaten at a #SandwichEatUp



 Side Item:

I post about my events on my website, my Facebook and on Yelp .  It will tell you when and where my #SandwichEatUp will be.

You can also sign up for my #SandwichEatUp Newsletter – be informed when our next #SandwichEatUp is.  Click HERE to sign up.