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2015: Year in review

Written by Biggie on January 10, 2016
2015 year in review Deli Fresh Threads

I started a practice of writing down my accomplishments throughout the year so that at the end of the year I could see all the things I have achieved. I did this because I tend to forget the little victories along the way when all I focus on is the destination ahead. I saw a difference and it made it a lot easier to get motivated when I saw what I have done along the way. They should be celebrated.

Some of the things that I wanted to highlight in 2015 were:


I continued doing my #SandwichEatUp events at various delicious places in Central Florida. Thank you to everyone that attended and got to enjoy sandwiches at:

I got to ask some cool people the question “What’s your favorite sandwich?”

I am looking forward to 2016. My plan is to provide you with some new designs to order from and also some more fun blog posts and #SandwichEatUp events.