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YelpOrlando,What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on March 13, 2013


Have you ever had those moments where you are looking for a business/restaurant and trying to find out what others think?  That is Yelp’s purpose: To connect people with great local businesses and restaurants.

As a foodie I am always looking to try new places. I try to avoid chains so I use yelp and local food blogs to help me find those small mom and pop restaurants.  They are the that diamonds in the rough that I would have never known about driving through town-but thanks to Yelp I am able to find those gems of a restaurant.

Yelp also has Check In badges and lets you interact with other reviewers.  So it’s social media, meets local review, meets community.

In Orlando, we have a great Yelp community so it’s a great resource to find reviews for about any place.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting YelpOrlando (Colleen Burns) and she is pretty awesome!  She also knows exactly how she likes her Philly Cheesesteak.

@YelpOrlando’s requirements for a great cheesesteak goes like this:

  • Meat texture (chopped)
  • Meat amount (overflow of roll)
  • Roll quality (crispy outside, so soft inside)
  • Cheese amount (at least 5 slices)
  • Cheese placement (mixed in, not on the top/not on the bottom)
  • Onion texture (lightly sautéed)
  • Onion amount (throughout, not overflow)

Talk about knowing exactly how you like your sandwich!

Colleen liked the fact that I asked her about her favorite sandwich so much that she asked her fellow Florida Yelpers for me about their favorite sandwiches:

@YelpTampaBay – Cuban Sandwich from Michelle Faedo’s On The Go

@YelpMiami – I’m a fan of chicken cheesesteak variations.

@YelpJax – Straight-up grilled cheese or a French Dip with Au Jus 🙂

If you haven’t used Yelp and are looking for a place/business locally or are going out of town and need help check them out.  It just might help you find that city’s hidden gem.

To check out Yelp click HERE.  Or download the app for your iPhone or Droid