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Sleepy Dan, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on October 23, 2013

You know the saying….everything is bigger in Texas. Indie clothing brands are taking over Texas.   One of theTexas based brands I love is Sleepy Dan.  Sleepy Dan got the nickname in college while he was working crazy hours and was always yawning or could fall asleep any where.  So the nickname Sleepy Dan caught on.  The name Sleepy Dan also works for the idea of not wasting time, as well as the love for sleep. One thing is for sure “When you Snooze, you Lose!”

I’ve enjoyed reading about Dan’s journey in starting Sleepy Dan and where it has taken him. One thing I know for sure is he loves what he does.

When you check out his T-Shirts at SleepyDan.com you will see he prints his own shirts using water-based ink. His designs are funny and creative.

Dan is all about helping other Indie artists.  I remember reading how he showed fellow indie owner, Fresh Kauffee how to screen print.   In what can be a competitive industry- it’s great seeing other business owners help one another.

I was fortunate enough to win a Sleepy Dan prize pack from “The Blot Says” in 2011. It had some great pins and a great pillow keychain.  I also loved it came with a draw sting nap sack.

I suggest you don’t sleep on Dan and what he is trying to build.  And as someone who is trying to build something I understand the concept of sleepless nights.

Follow @SleepyDanBrand on twitter and Like him on Facebook.  Also make sure to check out his story at SleepyDan.com

About the Sandwich:

I had to ask Dan what the story behind his favorite sandwich was.  Here is what he had to say:

“Growing up in the NYC area, I had lots of friends that worked at small family run restaurants, so most of our favorite spots were basic Italian food types but we loved hot wings most of all… Not too far from where Buffalo Wings were created, it was not uncommon to have weekend battles to see who could eat the hottest hot wings. Eventually we created a mash up of our favorite two foods… Hot wings and Italian. So it started with a toasted hero roll and two large battered and fried chicken cutlets cut into strips, add the hottest buffalo wing sauce you can find and smother it in bleu cheese – We called it the Buffalo Soldier because you had to be a champ to finish the whole thing!

To this day I have an iron stomach, nothing makes me sick… In college I ate a dozen raw eggs, so hot sauce has made me strong like bull!

Sleepy Dan himself