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Rock’Em Apparel, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on April 3, 2013


I met Rob “Rock’Em” Starkman before he started Rock’Em Apparel.  We are both big Johnny Cupcakes fans and I actually met him at the Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase tour in 2010.  We both love the business side of things and both are fellow UCF Knights.  We started talking about our ideas and it’s been great having someone to bounce ideas off each other.

Rob originally started out doing Rock’em Socks, making custom Nike Elite socks, and has built a huge following in the kicks world.  I know some of you are thinking….socks?  But when you are hooping or in the sneaker game – you have to look good and his socks do just that.

The great thing about Rock’Em is he wasn’t satisfied with just that; Socks are just the beginning.  He is now looking to totally outfit you. He has gone from Rock’Em Sock to Rock’Em Apparel and keeps looking to keep build on his success.

You may see some of Rock’Em Apparel’s Locker Room Exclusives ranging from custom socks for: brands, magazine, NBA players, Hip Hop artists, Actors, high school teams and NCAA college basketball teams representing and wearing Rock’Em Apparel.

I expect big things from Rob.  Be on the lookout for Rock’Em Apparel and be sure to check out his brand, because he is looking to build an empire from the feet up.

You can follow @RockEmApparel on twitter, Like on Facebook and check out and buy at www.rockemapparel.com

Side Item #1:

These are some of my favorite Rock’Em Apparel socks:

RockEm1 RockEm2 RockEm4RockEm5


Side Item #2:

An example of how Rock’Em Apparel keeps growing and building.  They just launched their own branded custom socks.