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Oven Fresh Dreams, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on October 2, 2013

Carlos Morales is a Dreamer, but what is a dream if you are not trying to achieve it. I started following the OvenFreshDreams.com site because of the positive stories of people achieving  their dreams. I saw that Carlos was inspired by the same people (Johnny Cupcakes, Benny Gold, etc) and Carlos always had positive messages.

I enjoyed the whole concept of his baking and lifestyle colliding.  I also liked how he showcases and teams up with some great artists and started a series called “The Collaborate and Dream Series”.

It means something when you are not just writing about people doing what they love and they trying to achieve their dreams- Carlos was doing what he was talking about.  In 2011 he attended culinary school and graduated.

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Carlos for his “Beyond the Cookie Cutter” Interview Series. Read it here 

Take a look at OvenFreshDreams.com, Carlos is looking to add more about healthy lifestyle in regards to food, experimenting with baking, and featuring creative types of different mediums his site. So the site will provide even more for you to enjoy

.CJ Morales

Follow Carlos and @OvenFreshDreams on twitter and check out the site, his tumblr,  and visit him on Faceboo

Carlos’ favorite sandwich is something I have never heard of and I asked him to take a picture of it since I needed to see it to believe it.

About the sandwich:

PB and Egg

Carlos calls this sandwich the “Refuel & Comfort”. What is it made out of? The answer is simple; organic goodness. It is one hefty spoonful of organic crunchy peanut butter and an organic extra-large fried egg (sunnyside up). As far as the bread is concerned, texture is key; toasted whole wheat English muffins or multi-grain toast. It is crunchy, gooey, sinful, and healthy all at the same time.