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Jeff Mauro aka “Sandwich King”, What‘s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on July 31, 2013

I later found out his exact favorite sandwich is “Pastrami on rye w/a schemer of deli mustard. Preferably from Langer’s in LA.”

Since I just came back from Chicago.  Who else would I pick to feature on What’s your favorite sandwich?

When I first saw Jeff Mauro on the 7th season of Food Network “Next Food Network Star” he was my winner from the very start.  Why, you may ask? Because his culinary point of view is the same as mine- SANDWICHES RULE!!!

Jeff has titled himself as the “Sandwich King” and believes that any handheld “meal” could be classified as a sandwich (taco’s too!).

I enjoy watching his show and love that more people are celebrating the greatness that is the Sandwich.  I think the sandwich is the KingofMeals- it can be had at every meal, including dessert.  It can be as simple, or as extravagant, as you want it to be.

In 2012 the SandwichKing was nominate for a Day Time Emmy Award for “Sandwich King”.

Aside from his Emmy nominated show, Jeff also did a show on FoodNetwork called #24in24.  In 24hrs he tries to have 3 meals and a snack in a city for $24.00. Check it out – you may discover a place to go in your own city, on your next vacation or next business trip.

Follow Jeff on twitter: @JeffMauro and watch his show Sandwich King on FoodNetwork on Sundays 11am/10c

About Jeff’s favorite sandwich.  Langer’s Delicatessen is located in Los Angeles, CA and has been in business since 1947.  Many agree that Langer’s has the world’s best Pastrami and the Sandwich King agrees. I have never tried Langer’s Deli pastrami sandwich,but it would make sense since they have served more than 4 million pounds of pastrami since its inception.


It’s a great honor to be Sandwich King approved.  You may one day see some Deli Fresh Threads on the Sandwich King on Food Network! I hope to one day be able to partake in a sandwich with Jeff.

Jeff Mauro Deli Fresh Threads

Featured picture from Food Network