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Glen “Big Baby” Davis, What’s your favorite sandwich

Written by Biggie on October 16, 2013

The NBA regular season is about to begin and my Orlando Magic continue to build a foundation for the future.  In the Magic’s future there are some that are the pillars for which they will be building upon.  One of those important pieces is Glen Davis.  Glen Davis played his college ball at LSU.  He was a dominate big man and 2006 SEC player of the year.  He was drafted and traded to the Boston Celtics where he played and won a championship ring.  During his time with the Celtics, he always found a way to have great games vs. the Orlando Magic.  When the Magic traded for him in 2011 I was happy to have him.  I knew it would give him an opportunity to start and also lead, something he learned and didn’t get to do in Boston with their Big 3- (Allen, Garnett & Peirce).  It was also cool knowing the Big Baby is a big Johnny Cupcakes fan.

Glen is a high energy player who is also very charismatic.  He will do whatever it takes to help the team win.  If that means he has to hit a jumper, muscle his way in for a rebound; taking a charge or diving for a loose ball.  Big Baby will do it.

He also knows the importance to give back to the community not just in Orlando but also in his home state of Louisiana.  He does a “Bookin’ It With Baby Tour”.  He reads to children and talks about the importance of reading and literacy.

One thing I found funny was during my research on Baby was how he got the nickname. I read many theory’s  from when he was literally a big baby weighing in at 14lbs to  the fact that that he was such a big kid as child (5’6” 160 lb at age 9) that he has to play in the older leagues.  When he would play with the older kids he would cry and the coach would tell him to “Stop crying, you big baby.” I think I’ll go with the theory he has a baby face that is as ferocious as a tiger.

Glen may say he likes all sandwiches but it seems like the peanut butter and jelly sandwich is his favorite from what the rookies need to have in stock at all times in the Magic locker room last season.

You can follow @IamBigBaby11 on twitter, Facebook or visit his site: iambigbaby.com

Featured photo from Stephen M. Dowell, Orlando Sentinel

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