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Fresh Kaufee, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on June 5, 2013
Fresh Kaufee Favorite Sandwich

I got introduced to Joonbug thanks to the Johnny Cupcake Suitcase tour.  I watched all the Suitcase Tour videos and saw him at one of Johnny’s Texas stops.  I started talking with him and telling him that I wanted to start my own brand. I also loved his concept and I became a Fresh Kaufee addict.

I love Joonbug’s artistic style when he designs for Fresh Kaufee. His brand is inspired by coffee and it all started with him working for the Golden Arches. People kept asking him for fresh coffee and he just took it from there.  His designs are fresh and when you open your package from him it will smell heavenly, like fresh brewed coffee. That is because his shirts smell like coffee.

In that last few years he has continued to improve and build his brand and is making great shirts as he continues to go to school.

I would bounce names off of him when I was brainstorming and he always liked Biggadeli as the name for my brand.

The key thing to remember about Fresh Kaufee is that you should always Espressoself! Check out @FreshKaufee on twitter; Instagram @freshkaufee and visit his kaufee shop.

Fresh Kaufee Biggie Coffee Drinker

Fresh Kaufee Biggie coffee drinker

Side Items:

I saw this video of Joonbug and thought I’d share.


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