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Jimmy Fallon, What’s your Favorite Sandwich?

Written by Biggie on February 6, 2013

My favorite Late Night shows is Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  Jimmy Fallon seems like someone that you can meet and have a sandwich with and hangout with like you have been friends for years.  Another thing I love about him is his love for twitter.  His #latenighthastags are one of my favorite segments of his show.

When Jimmy responded to my tweet about what his favorite sandwich was; it started a huge Retweets and comments from his followers. They were all surprised he didn’t like mayo.  The reason why Jimmy doesn’t like the mayo on his BLT is because as a kid his head got stuck in between the railing of the stair case.  His grandmother used mayo to get him out.  So imagine getting your hair/head covered in mayo at an early age.

Another reason to love Jimmy Fallon is how he has involved sandwiches on his show:

He has done a Sandwich off vs Top Chef, Tom Colicchio where he created “The Fallon” sandwich

He has used a sandwich to unite two feuding friends.  The “hoagie of forgiveness” helped mend Tina Fey and QuestLove

Hoagie of Forgiveness






Lastly he also successfully did Subway Subs across America where people tossed Subway subs across the US.

You can watch Late Night w/Jimmy Fallon on NBC at 11:37pm or follow him on twitter

 Side Item:

It is exciting to see that Jimmy Fallon is now the new host of the Tonight Show.  Congratulations Jimmy and hope to see more Sandwiches on the Tonight Show!


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2 responses to “Jimmy Fallon, What’s your Favorite Sandwich?”

  1. Foogos says:

    Getting legitimate celebs to commit to their favorite sandwich for the blog is one of those “This is such an easy idea… but so good I’m mad I never thought of it” ideas. I freaking love it. I hope you asked/got a response from the Ultimate Warrior.

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