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Daisy Fuentes, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on September 25, 2013
Daisy Fuentes (@DaisyFuentes)
ham & cheese panini RT “@UCFBiggie@DaisyFuentes ok so what’s your favorite sandwich?”

Long ago MTV was known for Music Television, where Music Videos played all the time. The only reality show on TV was The Real World. During that MTV era I loved watching MTV every day and getting to see Daisy Fuentes host. She was the first Latin VJ on MTV and I was a big fan.  I thought she was awesome because she was Cuban, from NJ, and of course she was beautiful.  My parents were both born in Havana, Cuba where Daisy was born and I lived in NJ for the first 17yrs of my life. Yes, some of those teen years I had a Daisy Fuentes poster in my room.

After hosting on MTV, she became a spokesperson for various brands and hosted several shows like Americas Funniest Video.  Daisy has evolved her career to not just hosting and modeling but also having her own clothing line at Kohl’s, an eyeglass line, and hair care products too.  She is a smart diverse businesswoman who has taken the opportunities she has been given and has built from them.  She is really great at utilizing social media.  She shares and interacts with her followers and has some funny tweets along with some great pics on instagram.

Daisy was most recently the host on La Voz Kids, a Spanish version of The Voice for Kids on Telemundo.

She is one of my favorite celebrities and probably one of my longest celebrity crushes. She also thinks her Cuban sandwiches are the best so no reason to ask her which is the better Cuban sandwiches (Tampa or Miami)

You can follow @daisyfuentes on twitter and on Instagram

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