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Bruce Miller, What’s your Favorite Sandwich?

Written by Biggie on January 30, 2013
Diablo Rojo, Bruce Miller,


Bruce Miller, The Diablo Rojo, is one of my favorite UCF players.  BRRUUUUCCCCE  is also UCF’s All-Time Sack Leader and 2 time CUSA Conference Defensive player of the year.  Because of his hard work and no job to small attitude, he had made the transition from dominant defensive end in college to the starting FB for the Super Bowl San Francisco 49ers.

He was barely recruited in high school from GA but the guy went non stop and dedicated and that caught the UCF coach’s attention.  He played any position they needed him to play.  He just wanted to play and contribute- He has the “Lunch Box mentality” – A workmanlike approach, I am here to contribute and work and leave it all out there. He played special teams and defense while at UCF.  That same hard working; never let up attitude was also contagious. His teammates and the fans loved him. The dedication  paid off for Bruce and was seen by NFL Scouts.  He was selected 211th in the 7th round by the 49ers and converted to FullBack where he just keeps getting better and better while learning the position.  Now he is leading the way for the 49ers running backs and Colin Kaepernick.  He doesn’t care if you don’t know his name or not.  However everyone can see and knows BRRRUUUUCCCCEEEE!

You can follow him on twitter or watch him this Sunday lead, block, and go non stop to help the 49ers win a 6th SuperBowl!

Me & Bruce Miller

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