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Bad Rabbits, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on May 15, 2013

I was introduced to the band Bad Rabbits thanks to Johnny Cupcakes.  I was watching his 2010 Suitcase tour videos and he had Bad Rabbits as the music on one of the recap videos (Columbus, OH)

As soon as I heard them I knew I wanted to hear more.  I went to their website and was able to download their album Stick Up Kids.  I loved their sound.  It was like a 90’s R&B/Funk Group. They are a post R&B group from Boston, MA.  I became a fan of them and have been following them since.

They have been on tour with Kendrick Lamar and have also done the Van Warp Tour.

These guys are fun and just have a blast on stage. I am glad they are getting the love and the attention they deserve.  They are performing as the musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel on May 17th.

I got to see them at The Social in Orlando when they were the headline this year.  They put on a great show.  I also got introduced to Air Dubai thanks to them.

Bad Rabbits newest album American Love came out yesterday.  You can buy it on their site or on iTunes. I am already having the album looping at work.

You can follow @BadRabbits on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Here is one of my favorite videos and songs from their Stick Up Kids EP:

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