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Zach Braff, What’s your favorite sandwich

Written by Biggie on July 24, 2014
Zach Braff at Wish I was here movie premiere with Christina GoEpicurista and What's your favorite sandwich

Ever respond to a tweet and something awesome happens!  I replied back to my friends tweet, Christina of GoEpicurista.com, who I met at one of my #SandwichEatUp.  She was on an amazing trip and was going to the movie premier of Zach Braff’s new movie, Wish I Was Here.  Little did I know that she would actually have a chance to meet and ask him!  This story is so great I asked her to please guest blog post and share it with all of you..

So here is Christina’s guest blog post:

How to avoid sounding lame when meeting a celebrity – Ask “What’s your Favorite Sandwich?”

Whenever I meet someone famous I get tongue-tied and anything witty I wanted to say instantly vanishes from my brain. Here I was in San Francisco waiting to meet Zach Braff, star of television series Scrubs, writer and director of indie acclaimed film Garden State, and Broadway star of Bullets Over Broadway – a celebrity – and I was fretting over what I would say.

Let me rewind to the beginning, and tell you how I got to this predicament. I have always wanted to be a Hollywood producer, attend private movie screenings and walk red carpets. It was one of those things I said I would do “someday”. Well, I have since accepted that the Hollywood career wasn’t in the cards for me. So, last year when I heard about the Kickstarter campaign to fund Zach Braff’s new film Wish I Was Here, I jumped at the chance to somehow accomplish my mission and #MakeSomedayHappen.

The Kickstarter Campaign drew 46,520 wannabe producers and fans and raised $3.1 million allowing Zach to make the movie he wanted, with complete creative control (which he co-wrote with big brother Adam) without studio heads telling him what to do. Attending an advance screening of the movie and meeting Zach at a private reception, with about 25 other backers, was one of the various rewards I received for my contribution. Pretty cool, right?

Fast forward a year later and there I was, on a beautiful summer afternoon in San Francisco, thinking about what I would say when I met Zach Braff later that day.

“Hey Zack, I love your work! Scrubs was great!” … lame!

“Hi Zach, err, eh, hum, what was it like to film this movie 10 years after Garden State?” … lame, again!

I tweeted where I was without mentioning my intro comment dilemma. I hoped somehow the twitter-verse would come to my rescue.  My friend Biggie must have magically read my mind and posted: “Ask @ZachBraff what his favorite sandwich is”

Bam! Why didn’t I think of that?

I didn’t want to steal Deli Fresh Thread’s signature line but I knew that was a good backup, if I needed it.  I figured I probably wouldn’t even get the chance to utter more than a simple “Hi” as his publicist and entourage would likely be rushing him through the room. That’s how it normally goes at these Hollywood events.

I arrive at the party and immediately see Zach talking to some guests. Not sure what to do, my gut reaction is to immediately make a speedy bee line for the food table.  Spring rolls, spinach dip, little caprese skewers, and mini hoagies were all calling out to me for comfort.

Hoagie in hand I turn around and there I am face to face with Zach Braff. He’s looking straight at me with his hand extended to shake my greasy hand and says:

“Hi I’m Zach nice to meet you”

Eh, err, hum, huh?

In a slow motion blur, I think to myself: Zach Braff is introducing himself to me? What? We all know who you are dude! That’s why we’re here!! That is the nicest thing ever!

He’s actually a nice guy in real life! No publicist or entourage around.

This entire monologue is happening in my head as I introduce myself and, in that “I’m meeting-a-celebrity” haze, I say – caution: Lame Alert! –

“I never know what to say when I meet a famous person” – doh!

He responds:

“me too!”

Now I definitely have confirmation he is, in fact, a nice guy. If you know his work, you know he is quite witty and funny. There is no way he would get tongue tied meeting someone or be having that inner monologue I just had. He was definitely trying to make me feel better.

In a split second, before another lame comment blurts out of my mouth, Biggie’s words came to mind and I said:

“My friend wants to know what’s your favorite sandwich?”

Zach paused,

I am almost certain this is not one of the questions on the media roundup. In fact, I don’t think anyone has asked him that before. So, if I sounded lame, at least it was original. Thanks Biggie for letting me borrow your line!

His answer, after he scratched his head and messed up his hair even more, was:

“A big fat juicy Philly Cheesesteak”

And I said:

“Is there any other kind?”

I think that was pretty good lameness recovery there! Don’t you?

Zach and I will always share that moment talking about Philly Cheesesteaks in San Francisco.

I’m still lame, he’s still super nice, and the movie is fantastic.

Wish I Was Here‘ is an imaginative and heartfelt story. Funny, sad, emotional and thought-provoking. Beautiful to look at as well as listen to. The soundtrack is a winner and should follow Garden State to win another Grammy. ‘Wish I Was Here’ is out in limited release in select theaters including Orlando Regal Cinemas in Winter Park and coming out in wide release this weekend. It stars Zach Braff as a struggling actor, father and husband trying to find his identity and purpose in life. It’s about finding what truly makes you happy.

Wish I was Here Movie

Cities playing Wish I Was Here and cities keep getting added.

Zach, If you’re still struggling to find that happy place, I say get yourself your favorite sandwich, a “big fat juicy Philly Cheesesteak” and give me a call so we can exchange more lame banter over lots of gooey melted cheese and thin sliced juicy Ribeye sandwiched between a crusty hoagie roll dripping with goodness.

Deli Fresh Threads thanks for letting me share my story of Hollywood and Cheesesteaks and for allowing me to Make Someday Happen once again. I always hoped someday I would write a guest post for a super cool blog and today it happened! Follow my mission to #MakeSomedayHappen one delicious bite, sip and trip at a time at http://goEpicurista.com

For more info on Wish I Was Here go to www.WishIWasHereMovie.com, follow on twitter @wiwhfilm and @zachbraff

Make sure to check out Christina’s website:  GoEpicurista.com Follow her on Twitter @GoEpicurista and on her instagram @GoEpicurista.  She also blogged about her time in CA as Hollywood Insider!

Here is the Preview to Wish I Was Here:

 Side Item:

If you are like Zack and enjoy a big fat juicy Cheesesteak!  Well enjoy cheesesteaks I am serving up!  Shop at the Virtual Deli Shop and order yours today!