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YelpOrlando Elite event

Written by Biggie on April 4, 2013

I was given the opportunity to introduce and talk about the brand Deli Fresh Threads at a Yelp Orlando Elite event a few weeks ago.  It was my first time doing something like this so I was excited and curious on how it would go.  The Yelp Orlando Elite event is something that Yelp does every month at various locations and it is intended for Yelp’s Elite contributors.  Yelp Elite are the in-the-know yelpers that reveal hot spots for fellow locals, act as city ambassadors, and are the heart of the Yelp community, both on and offline. You can nominate yourself or be nominated to be a Yelp Elite.

Evan from HotKrust

Evan from HotKrust

The best part about this opportunity is that this Elite event went very well with the Deli Fresh Threads brand.  The event was held at HotKrust.  HotKrust is a new Panini Kitchen located in Orlando.  They roast their own meats and use fresh veggies and seafood.  There are no preservatives and they do not use oil or butter- all menu items are either baked or pressed and it’s delicious.

Since this was my first event I had no idea how it would go.  I went with a simple display.  Using some packed lunch bags and spreading Biggie Bread Stickers and business cards on the table.  Since I was not selling my shirts, I decided to bring my iPad to run a slideshow that displayed all my shirts.   I also worked with Yelp Orlando to do 2 shirt giveaways and 3 smaller sticker/button giveaways. We did the 2 giveaways based on the results of Sandwich Trivia we had for people to answer and the other were based out of random drawings from the trivia.

Yelp Tshirt winnerYelp Shirt winner 2


I loved seeing the winners expression as they open up their bag and see them notice the little details I’ve included.  I think logistically this is the hardest part for me when thinking about selling outside at Farmers markets or off site.   I want everyone to get thesame experience of opening their packed lunch.  I am thinking very hard about this because I need to be among the people of the community.

Ok back to the Yelp Event.  I met some really fun people and it was great to share and explain my passion with others.  I also then got to present in front of the Yelp Orlando Elite and tell them about me and the brand.  I know my brand is not for everyone but I do know that everyone knows someone who loves sandwiches so I hope that the Yelpers will go out and spread the word. The best part was just meeting new people and talking with them about food and why I started Deli Fresh Threads.  I also was able to introduce people to the idea of The Sandwich Eaters Club and everyone liked the idea that they were the only person with that club number.

The Yelp Event also collected donations for  Give Kids the World, which is a resort for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.  They get to stay there free and celebrate different holidays every day so all kids can experience Halloween, Christmas, etc. as well as the theme parks.

Aside from Deli Fresh Threads being at the even, the Yelp event also showcased Fat Cat Foods.  Fat Cat Foods is a small successful business that produces gourmet condiments and hot sauces.  They started out small and little by little people started telling others and now it’s available in select stores and restaurant.  Check them out at FATCATFOODS.com

I totally believe that people buy in even more into your brand when they get to meet the person behind the brand.  I also think it’s important to get your community to know you as much as it is important in today’s society to be known via social media.

I plan to do more events like this.  I may not get direct sales out of it but I do build brand awareness, networking, and maybe a future shirt sale or two will come from it.   I am thankful for the opportunity. This opportunity also made my brain start spinning on things I will need for future opportunities if they present themselves.  Always keep building and improving.

Colleen Burns, Yelp Orlando Community Manager and I

Colleen Burns, Yelp Orlando Community Manager
 Pictures provided by Jim White of JimFoto.com