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Judging sandwiches at World Food Championships!

Written by Biggie on January 1, 2016
World Food Championship Logo

One of my goals for 2015 was to judge sandwiches at the World Food Championships!

World Food Championships (WFC) is the largest competition in food sport, where champions of previous events come for a chance at winning the ultimate food crown and a share of $350,000. This year WFC had over 340 teams spanning from 40 U.S. States and 17 countries. Competing in nine food categories. The winner of each category won $10,000 and then got to compete for the right to be named the 2015 World Food Champion and win $100,000.00.

The nine categories competitors got to compete in were: Bacon, BBQ, Burger, Chili, Dessert, Pasta, Recipe, Seafood and Sandwich.

The World Food Championships started in 2011, and during its first 3 years was held in Las Vegas. This year they headed south and came to Celebration, Florida.

I was really excited to know that I would be able to attend the various events.
I also wanted to see if there was a way for me to be involved when it came to sandwiches.

I was able to submit my name to be a judge during the WFC events. I had to rank which categories I would want to judge in. Of course we know I had SANDWICH as my number 1 choice!

I received an email a few weeks before the 2015 World Food Championships in November that I was selected to be a judge for the World Sandwich Championships!

I was beyond excited. I read up on the judging and scoring used during these events. I would be judging the 1st round of the Sandwich Championships.

So let me tell you a little about their scoring at the World Food Championships.

The World Food Championships uses the EAT Scoring Method when they do their judging.
That method is comprised of- Execution, Appearance, and Taste.

Execution: the judges interpretation of dish structure, edibility, design and preparation- How did it all come together?

Appearance: How it is presented – the presentation platter and also the product to be sampled. Is it pleasing to the eye? Does it make you want to take a bite & eat it?

Taste: How the food tastes: Did you want to eat more of it?

Each dish is judged on its own merit so you are not judging based on someone dish.

So let me tell you a little about the judging. 27 teams competed in the Sandwich category and no, I did not sample 27 sandwiches (I wish!).

I was part of a table with 5 other judges and there was a table lead – that lead does not judge they just brought us the food and told us the description of the dish I was judging. When the table lead comes in, they have a platter with a number to identify the sandwich. There is one presentation plate and then 5 sample plates for us to judge.

At the table of 5- I sat with 2 judges that had judged before during the previous World Food Championships. The other 2 judges with me were like me- new to WFC and excited to enjoy sandwiches. I enjoyed talking about food and sandwiches with them.

Judges table for Sandwiches at the World Food Championships

Me with my fellow judges

I knew I was in for a treat since Kansas City Steaks was the infused ingredient. Each sandwich is presented one by one and you are given their identification number and you are to score their Appearance – one at at a time.

Once all the sandwiches are presented you are then told about each one as you sample and Taste and judge for Execution. All of this while not making a sound so that you are not influencing your fellow judges. You are not allowed to discuss the sandwiches until all our judging forms have been submitted.

It was great to see us all agree on our favorite Steak sandwich. Once those 4 were done. The 2nd round of the competition was FreeStyle. The competitors then made their winning sandwich for us to enjoy and judge.

The time went by so fast and I had such a great time talking sandwiches with my fellow judges.

Once we had sampled and judged our 8 sandwiches (2 rounds). They did their tabulations and rankings. The Top 10 in each category advances to the final and the rest thanks for cooking.
The scores from the 1st 2 rounds do carry over into the final 10 final standings.

I had a blast doing the judging but I missed out on seeing all the competitors competing and making sandwiches.

That is why I decided to come to the day of the Sandwich finals to meet and watch some awesome sandwiches being assembled.

The infused ingredient for the final was the Happy Egg. So the sandwich had to be infused with egg.

Thai Sandwich at the World Food Championships

The finishing touches to a Thai sandwich

Fried Chicken for a Chicken and Waffle Sandwich for the World Food Championships

Fried Chicken for a Chicken and Waffle Sandwich

Bacon crusting the bread at the World Food Championships

Bacon crusting the bread

The competitors did everything from country fried egg sandwiches, a thai inspired sandwich with egg, an Egg in a Hole sandwich to a Chicken, Waffle and Egg sandwich. So many creative ways and so many inspiring chefs competing. I periscoped some of the competition and was able to be there as the competitors crossed the line to submit their sandwiches.

Check it out:

Periscoping at The World Food Championship Sandwich Finals!

The World Sandwich Championship Finals as begun:

At the Finish Line as competitors cross to submit their sandwich:

It was a great experience and I got to try some of the competitors sandwiches. They were delicious! I look forward to taking part in more of World Food Championships in 2016.  I was able to meet a lot of great people that I followed on Social media and never got a chance to meet.  Here are a few:

Mike McCloud the CEO of World Food Championships

Mike McCloud – CEO of World Food Championships


Emily Ellyn and Biggie of Deli Fresh Threads at the World Food Championships

World Food Championship Host & Chef- Emily Ellyn (@Emily_Ellyn)

Kari Karch (ChiTownChef) at the World Food Championships

WFC host & chef Kari Karch (@ChiTownChef)

With the Cheforee, Anthony Martorini (Ant_Kneee) and Biggie of Deli Fresh Threads at the World Food Championships

Cheforee, Anthony Martorini (@Ant_Kneee)