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Where did you put my Cheese?

Written by Biggie on April 11, 2013
Credit: Chris Hoover/Modernist Cuisine, LLC

Cheese is the great divider in a sandwich.

Some may or may not agree with me but I think cheese placement is important in the building of a sandwich.  Some like to put the cheese on first or last on a sandwich when putting your meat/filling together.  I believe the cheese should be in the middle of the action and should be placed in between the meats.

The only times I feel they should be put on the top or the bottom (or both) is if you are doing meatball, burger, tuna, Salad sandwiches (chicken, egg, etc), chicken parm sub or cheese steak sandwiches where fillings cannot be divided.  Same with when you put a filling into a “grilled cheese”.  The Cheese needs to be on top, middle and bottom.  So the cheese is the star of the grilled CHEESE sandwich.

The beauty of any sandwich is that it really doesn’t matter how you like it or where you put the cheese but that you eat and enjoy the sandwich the way you like it.  Because in the end you are the one eating and enjoying it.

Featured photo Credit: Chris Hoover/Modernist Cuisine, LLC

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