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UMETOYS x Deli Fresh Threads Biggie Bread Resin Figurine

Written by Biggie on April 13, 2017
UME Toys x Deli Fresh Threads Biggie Bread Resin Figurine

I am so excited for this release!  I am a huge fan of hand crafted items and I follow many creative artists who do some amazing things.  As a small brand you have those big dreams, the “what ifs” and the “one day.. ”  but I never expected my interactions on social media.  Biggie Bread as a Resin Figurine.

I have been following Richard Page, owner of UMEToys for the past 3.5 years.  Richard is from the UK and an award winning Toy Designer.  He and I also share a love for Disney World.


Available now at DeliFreshThreads.com

I have been amazed on what he has created and how beautiful and detailed his pieces are.  We have interacted a bit and I always commented on how great his work was.

One day on Oct 2014 I was mentioned on an Instagram post from Richard Page with ” Time for a sandwich I’d go for one at #wdw #fl right about now @delifreshthreads”  with this picture:

I loved it so much I asked him to send me the image so that I could have it in my office.

You can imagine how my mind was blown in November 2015 when this showed up on my Instagram and Facebook feed: “It’s past midnight over here in the UK anyone fancy a tasty snack? @delifreshthreads

Yes I FREAKED OUT when I saw Biggie Bread in his hands!!!

As life happens and we fast forward to today – UME Toys has produced 10 Limited Edition Biggie Bread Resin Figurines available now at the Deli Shop.

These Resin Figurines are air brushed painted and individually hand number on the bottom by Richard Page.  Shop now because I do not think they will last long.

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