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Turning your passion into a business

Written by Biggie on November 18, 2013

I occasionally will use twitter to spark up conversation with Sandwich Eaters.  It sometimes leads to some fun tweets and sometimes no responses come from it.  With my new Sandwich City Series I wanted to share and chat with tweeps who enjoy a good Cuban, Pastrami and Cheesesteak sandwich.

During one of my nightly sessions I got to tweet with @JesseBarron.  He had on his twitter profile he was a “cheesesteak connoisseur.” So I asked him what makes for a good cheesesteak.  We started tweeting back and forth about an hour.  It was great.  I love using twitter to communicate.  I really enjoy talking sandwiches with people and sharing that passion.   Little did I know Jesse also got that about our tweets that he wrote about me on his Medium.

Click on the pic and take a read on what @JesseBarron had to say about me and my Passion. Please let him know your thoughts and follow him on twitter.  I plan to have more conversations with Jesse.  Thanks.

Medium Turning your passion into a business


Side Item:

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