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Townie Tourist, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on July 17, 2017

Jenny De Witt is a blogger aka the Townie Tourist. I met first met Jenny on twitter and then met her in person at FLBlogCon in 2014.  We have been following each ever since.  Jenny has a love for the city of Orlando.  She is a social media manger at UCF, a vlogger, and a community builder.

Jenny was born and raised in Central Florida.  In 1991 she moved away and in 2014 decided to come back after living the NYC lifestyle.  After living the big city life, like many, it took her some time to slow down and appreciate the Southern Life.  She came back to a city that has grown up and evolved.  She felt like a tourist.  However she felt like the best kind of tourist, one that lives in town. She created the Townie Tourist to share her exploration and share all that the City Beautiful (and beyond) has to offer. The Townie Tourist is hosted on Bungalower and dedicated to sharing authentic city experiences.

I love the city of Orlando!  I have lived here for 23 years and during this time I have seen a renaissance where we are becoming known more than just for Harry Potter and Mickey Mouse.  Orlando is becoming known as a Foodie City; ranked highly as one of best places to live; called “Most Dynamic Cities in America,” according to Worth magazine; Orlando is a top location for entrepreneurs.

The Thrillist says Orlando has become one of most imaginative cities in America.  That is why I love websites like the Townie Tourist, Bungalower and so many others showcasing the City Beautiful, Orlando.

Aside from her “town walks” Jenny recently started a new Facebook Live series called Townie Talk.  I had the privilege to being her 1st guest on the show. Click Here to watch the episode.

You can catch the Townie Tourist on Facebook Live around town; Subscribe to her YouTube and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.