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A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan

Written by Biggie on August 9, 2013

I’ve written before that I like listening to talk radio and one of my favorite people to listen to is Daniel Dennis.  I’ve featured Dan on my weekly What’s your favorite sandwich?  He and his wife, Andrea, recently were my models for my newest shirt: Hoagie.  Dan has a very successful podcast that he does with his best friend Tom Vann. Together with Ross and Samantha they do A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.  They go on live on every Friday’s at 2pm and you can always download the podcast and listen to them any time.

I am a fan of the show and listen to their podcasts during my commute to and from work. It is a very entertaining and funny show. It helps with the rush hour traffic.  The language and content is meant for adult audiences and not suitable for children.

I had the opportunity to visit them at their 17 story studio to watch them in action last Friday.  It was different to see them do their show live since I only just get to hear them in my car.  I really had a blast seeing how it all gets done.  I was also able to speak with them during the show about Deli Fresh Threads, sandwiches  and what our favorite sandwiches were.

Tom Vann on Tom and Dan  AMT  Daniel Dennis on Tom and Dan

The reason the show works and was just recently named Orlando Weekly’s 2013 Best of Orlando Radio program is that Tom and Dan are friends and are just talking about life and Ross does the news while Samantha adds her thoughts.  They all mix well and play off each other.  You can hear their chemistry and flow back and forth with one another.

The show started because Tom and Dan wanted to do something together and drink a few beers and have fun. They both worked together and would have some funny conversations and make themselves cry laughing.  They  talk to each other just like you may with some of your friends or maybe think of and wouldn’t say out loud.  They enjoy making each other laugh and thought others would enjoy, so they decide to record it.  Which means you get to laugh with them while you listen to A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.

Make some time to  listen to the show.  Click on the pic below to hear the podcast I was on Show #223 Orlando’s BEST Radio Show. If in a time crunch you can start listening at the 2 hour mark for my segment.
Tom and Dan podcast 223
You can listen to their show from their site. TomandDan.com (click pic)

Tom and Dan
Download their shows and listen anytime. (Click pic)

Tom and Dan PodCast


Dan wrote a blog post about Deli Fresh Thread.  Click on the pic to read their thoughts.  Make sure to leave them a comment.

Tom and Dan blog



Thanks to Tom and Dan for supporting me and the brand.  Love seeing them wearing my clothes.  Thank you Tom and Dan! I appreciate their support so much that Tom and Dan fans gets 15% off using the code:  TOMANDDAN at my virtual Deli Shop!