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To a Certain Degree

Written by Biggie on July 13, 2018
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I had the oportunity to be on a show called To a Certain Degree, a weekly interview show on WPRK FM 91.5. Along with broadcasting Mondays at 7am, it’s converted to a podcast.  I had change to be his 100th episode!

Nick and I had the chance to meet at when I was on Smarketing News and then again at Nerd Nite’s 5 year anniversary party where we both were vendors and had a chance to talk more and talk about his Branded Knuckes and Deli Fresh Threads.

He asked me to be a guest on his show and I was excited to be a part of it.

To a Certain Degree is a show that consists of a few set segments, including 20 questions, Bad Business Ideas, and a pop quiz.


Listen to the show here: